What makes a great website?

Mouse Foundry Custom Web Website design and development

A great website isn’t just some code and images: It’s the result of a series of good decisions based on experience and careful analysis, woven carefully together to communicate clearly and effectively to the market.

Most people with a bricks-and-mortar business know that getting someone through the door isn’t the same as converting that behavior into a sale. Nor is it guaranteed to bring that person back through the door again, even if they do buy something. A website is no different. If you want to just put one up and expect that to convert to sales, a loyal following, or a group of people who are devoted to your brand, you will find out soon enough just having a website isn’t good enough.

You’ve got to communicate well. You have to provide the user with a unique experience. You’ve got to communicate more in less time. You have to structure the site smartly, organize it properly, brand it accordingly, write copy that fits the brand’s ‘voice’, and above all: make it seem effortless.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake: JT at 30

what happens when Memphian and teen heartthrob Justin Timberlake turns 30?

Stax Museum / Stax Academy

The Stax record label is one of the all-time greats. Many may remember Memphis for Sun Records, but Stax was one-of-a-kind. At one point the legendary label was Motowns fiercest competitor.

And not a lot of people know that Stax was one of the countries forst independent labels, as well as its first racially integrated label. Stax is truly unique, and Memphis is a better place for having hosted the great Soul music associated with it.

Tops B-B-Q

Anyone who's spent any amount of time in Memphis is familiar with Tops BBQ. If you've ever driven around the city, you'll see the Tops BBQ sign, signalling the restaurant where one can get some of the best BBQ and Burgers in the country. The idea here was to mimic the actual landscape of Tops and make the website evocative of driving around in Memphis: so the sign is an integral part of the design of the website

L Ross Gallery

L Ross Gallery is one of the South's premiere spaces for contemporary Art. The gallery represents such notable artists as Carl E Moore, Margaret Munz-Losch, Melissa Dunn, Ian Lemmonds, and Anton Weiss.

We used the gallery itself as a backdrop for the site, using neutral tones to make sure that it was the art itself that 'popped' out at the visitor when they visted lrossgallery.com

Startup Memphis

Memphis has a lot going for it when it comes to entreprenuership. Startup Memphis is the pre-eminent website for all things startup related in Memphis TN. To design it, we spent time researching other entreprenuerial websites and business journalism sites, to get a feel for what potential visitors might want to see in Startup Memphis. We took the best parts from our research and built Startupmemphis.com. We couldn't be happier with the final result.

Headley Menzies Interior Design

Project Green Fork wanted a shirt for fundraising purposes. Our idea was to do something fun and memorable, and that people would actually want to buy. Thus, the "Give a Fork" shirt was born. It's initial print run sold out in under a week.

Faith in Memphis

Faith in Memphis is a community-based site where users can discuss matters of Faith. It is a place for smaller communities to join a much larger community in pen and honest dialogue, with the goal being to spark honest discussion and promote cooperation between people of various faiths.

WW2: A Pilgrimmage

The photography for this page was so compelling, we chose to keep everything else muted, in order to let the photos narrate the story along with the text. The content and photos are broken apart and appear on the left and right as one scolls down the page, and subtle grey boxes call attention to them.

Abandoned Memphis

This set of webpages are photo-journalistic in nature. Our idea was to make the photographs as large as possible, and have the text be white on a black background. This mirrors the somewhat abandoned nature of the subject matter, as well as calling attention to the various colors and textures in the photography.

Memphis Tigers Football: At The Crossroads

Sports pages usually call to mind an entirely different audience than regular webpages. In this case, we put in a colorful sliding timeline, used the school colors associated with the team, and framed out the webpage itself with an image of an empty football field illuminated at night.

Launch Your City

Light and airy were what came to mind when the term 'launch' was discussed. We wanted to keep the page clean, contemporary, and simple. The blue band at the top of the page highlights the most important part of the company's logo: the arrow pointing upward. In addition, the photograph of the cityscape is lightened up,giving the overall appearance of a city about to take flight.